200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

The most in-depth, high-quality & authentic 200-hour yoga teacher training in the PNW. Join Arundhati to discover how to learn, practice & live your yoga as a yoga teacher & student for life.

Michelle Bundoc

"It's clear when you practice yoga with Arundhati that you are taking instruction from a master. "

Swaroopa Gollapalli

"Aru is technical, passionate with purpose & very practical. My YTT was very organized & structured."

Antonella Salatino 

"Aru is creative, passionate, & very knowledgeable of the yoga philosophy. Being Italian she made sure to speak slowly so I could keep up"

Jayshree Chudgar

"Aru is very knowledgeable & has planned the course very well. She's very authentic."

Arundhati Baitmangalkar, Program Director

Learn why this is the best yoga teacher training program in the PNW...

Arundhati Baitmangalkar is one of the leading yoga teachers. Recognized as one of the top POC yoga teachers in 2020. Arundhat is highly respected for her work. She's a trailblazer in the modern yoga industry. Known for her expertise in authentic yoga education, her skill to create amazing yoga teachers & her authentic voice in the yoga world. 


Her podcast Let's Talk Yoga, is one of the most downloaded yoga podcasts in the world. Yoga teachers & students from all over the globe flock to take trainings with her. 


Her 200 hour yoga teacher training is high-quality, in-depth, & authentic to yoga. In this program, you'll develop unshakable clarity & confidence in your yoga ability. 


If you want to study yoga in depth, look no further. You're in the perfect place.

How it works? 

Are you keen on studying yoga or becoming a yoga teacher? Arundhati's 200-hour yoga teacher training is laid out to help you first learn the fundamentals of yoga. To get really good at it. This is followed by developing skills to become a yoga teacher. If you choose, our program allows you the flexibility of choosing to study & immerse yourself in yoga studies as a yoga student.


You can additionally study to become a new confident & successful yoga teacher through this program.  


Yoga Students

Open to yoga students keen on deepening their understanding of yoga

New Teachers

Perfect for new yoga teachers who feel the need for more or better yoag education

Experienced Teachers

Immersive study opportunity for experienced yoga teachers to return to study

Fitness Professionals

Already into fitness or wellness? But want to study the core of yoga


With over a decade of careful contemplation & planning. This teacher training program is geared to give you the best learning experience. 

  • Experience

    Arundhati has over 15 years of teaching experience. She has led many successful YTTs

  • Accountability

    Live, modular learning combined with pre-recorded videos to suit various learning styles

  • Authentic

    True to yoga's roots. Authentic, high-quality yoga instruction.. Offered in a structured, thoughtful way

  • On-going support

    6 live monthly calls post training for on-going learning even after live training ends

  • In-depth

    Highly curated yoga content with the focus on you & how you'll learn & apply your yoga

  • Community

    Diverse, inclusive & supportive community of teachers & alumni from all over the globe

What you'll learn in the 200-hour teacher training?

This training is created keeping you front & center. The focus is on how you'll learn & bring yoga into your life. 

  • Fundamentals Of Yoga

    The origins, history, & passage of yoga through time. What is yoga? Classical versus modern yoga & much is covered in this segment

  •  Asana for life

    Deep dive into the foundational yoga poses, vinyasa 101, surya namaskars & more. How to use yoga props?

    Over 75 poses covered in-depth

  • Asana sequencing 101

    Master how to create home practice & class sequences with clarity & confidence

  • Pranayama Basics

    Develop strong pranayama skills. Understand the role of breath & build a strong breath practice

It just gets better...

  •  Building your self-practice

    How to incorporate yoga in your life after training on & off the yoga mat

  • How to teach yoga?

    Master the fundamentals of teaching yoga to others irrespective of their skill level

  • Yoga Anatomy

    Learn anatomy in a fun, expertential way to better understand your yoga practice

  • Being a yoga teacher

    Get guidance as to what it means to be a skillful yoga teacher in the real world - online & in-person covered

What you'll get

From this training...

Here's what you'll get as a 200-hour yoga teacher training participant...

  • Live, in-person training with Arundhati. Limited to few spots 

  • Pre-recorded content library for easy, online learning & recap

  • Personalized feedback for your practice 

  • In-depth yoga manual with pictures in color

  • Checklist to keep you on track throughout the training

  • Monthly zoom meetings for 6 months after training focused on self practice development & sharpening teaching skills

Hi, I'm Aru...

I've been teaching for 15 years. From my yoga classes in India to my thriving yoga studio in Seattle. I've gone through every stage of being a yoga teacher. But I've been particularly obsessed with how yoga teachers are created. 


Over the past decade, I've been carefully, meticulously curating a yoga teacher training syllabus that will serve two very important purposes. That helps you succeed as a yoga teacher & uphold the authentic teachings of yoga.


I've tried, tested & figured out what it takes to help yoga teachers succeed in their yoga practice. These are condensed, structured & packed into each module of this training. With a strong focus on critical thinking, clarity & self-leadership.


Each module has video lessons & audio lectures. Along with roadmaps, milestone goals, checklists, custom sequences & course manuals. I've thought of everything so you can work smart & learn in an efficient way.


I've taken a decade to curate this syllabus. Because it's deeply personal to me. As an Indian, yoga has been a part of my life since my birth. I understand & effortlessly share nuances that elude my western counterparts. All while making yoga's ancient wisdom practical & accessible for modern life.


See you in the training, my friend. It will enrich you in so many ways. I can't wait to see you succeed in your yoga journey as a student & as a yoga teacher.


"Arundhati is an all around amazing resource. She creates these learning opportunities with you at the forefront of her mind and that's apparent in the quality of the training she provides. She presents materials in different ways. Her teaching style allows different learning styles to thrive, even in an online format. She has strong interpersonal skills. Aru is a warm, empathetic, & engaging teacher."

Domestic Violence Specialist

"Arundhati's training is so well organized.All of the time was intentionally used for the student's benefit. She's genuinely interested in your learning journey. And has deeply invested in it. Her passion for teaching shows through the entirety of training. Very expectional"

Yoga Teacher

"Aru provides incredible support & encouragement while also challenging her students to meet learning expectations & challenges. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn yoga in depth."


Social Worker

"The YTT with Aru has been a phenomenal & outstanding experience. It was extremely thorough. Aru is very knowledgeable & an inspiring teacher. She's personable, energetic, fun & a diligent teacher. She created a safe learning environment where I could challenge myself, expand my horizons & deepen my practice."

Samruddhi Hurkadli 

Speech Therapist

"I recently studied to teach with Arundhati. it was a very immersive and enriching experience. Arundhati is one of the best, most sincere, knowledgeable, disciplined and authentic yoga teachers that I've ever met. Her passion & love for your yoga resonates deeply in her teachings. I highly her for all your yoga needs."

Nimisha Gera

Product Manager

"Arundhati teaches with her passion for Yoga and her care for all her students. She is always available. She is dedicated, graceful, and fun. Arundhati keeps a high standard and takes all her students. She is an excellent teacher. I feel confident and ready to teach."

Xuan Bouchet


  • STEP 1

    Review all the information. Program dates, FAQs, prices, timelines etc...Decide if you're in. If yes, go to step 2

  • STEP 2

    To join the program, hit the enroll button below & sign up. Limited spots. Please review refund, cancellation policy too.

  • STEP 3

    Your sign up confirms your spot. We'll be in touch via email as the training dates get closer

  • STEP 4

    Practice with us ahead of the training to get a head start. Come say hi whether online or in-studio

Program Dates

The 200-hour teacher training is now enrolling for winter 2022. 

The program runs for 3 weekends a month. The training is largely in-person, live training with segments online. Detailed schedule will be provided upon enrollment.


Saturdays 09:30am to 5:00pm in-studio 

Sundays 09:30am to 11:00am (online). 12 noon to 5pm in-studio 

  • Month 1 January

  • Month 2


    5th & 6th, 2022

    12th & 13th, 2022

    26th & 27th, 2022.

  • Month 3


    5th, & 6th, 2022

    12th & 13th, 2022

    19th & 20th, 2022

  • Month 4


Pricing Plans

No commission fee or contract. You can cancel anytime.

Full Price

Last minute magic


One-time payment

Expires when course ends

Expires when course ends

Suitable for last minute hopefuls

Early Bird

For the determined


One-Time payment

Expires when course ends

Non-refundable after Dec 31st, 2022

Perfect for the determined

Payment Plan

Budget friendly planning



4 monthly payments

Expires when course ends

Credit card required


If you still can't find the answer to your question, please email Please note, for the volume of enquiries we get. We'll be responding to only those questions that aren't already answered here. 

What are the pre-requisites for enrolling?

What if I miss a weekend? Is there a make up class?

How late can I enroll?

Can I attend online only? 

I don't want to teach yoga, can I still do this course?

Do you offer scholarships?



28th  April  2022



Arundhati Baitmangalkar, Program Director

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